Louise White

Hi, I’m Louise, 21 years old and passionate about health and fitness. I have always enjoyed being active but fell in love with the gym when I was 17. This has led me to begin building my career into the fitness industry. Recently I gained my personal training quantification in order to better my knowledge/ skills and be able to help others. My main focus is to live a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle. My mantra is ‘Move in a way you enjoy and eat a nutritious balanced diet! You are able to enjoy everything 🙂

Emily Brook

I’m British, born in Guernsey, Channel Islands but have been living in Dubai for the past 10 years, prior to moving to Australia in 2019 to study Criminal Justice at the University of Queensland.

I have been an active sportswoman from a young age, starting ballet at the age of 3, which I continued and trained for competitively until age 18. In 2017 I undertook my Active IQ Fitness Qualifications and became certified in Gym Instructing and Personal Training, whereby I soon after began coaching clients during 1 on 1 PT sessions and group classes as a trainer at F45 Jumeirah Beach for almost 2 years.


Sybella Davis

To me, fitness and working out is something I can do to let everything out… whether it be my emotions or energies. Working out is so much more than just keeping fit and healthy. It is about working towards a positive mental state and overcoming challenges. Even from a young age, I have been an active person, but it was a while before I really worked out. I found my love for fitness training when I was in a negative mental place and it helped me to overcome the things I was facing.

Alex Moura

Ever since I was young I have been passionate about fitness. As I have grown I have discovered that fitness means a lot more to me and now I love to help people to achieve their own fitness goals. For me fitness is not just about getting in shape, it’s connecting your mind to your body and getting mentally strong so you can achieve your physical goals. I’m a level 3 PT/ First UFC Coach certified in Europe and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu.


Balance Fitt with Nia

Hey, I’m Nia, a Mum to a energetic little man, who is passionate ( slightly obsessed) about all things fitness. My workouts are my me-time which ( I take very seriously). My focus is on getting women and mums back into fitness through group training and 1:1 personal training sessions, all at a time and place suitable to you.