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To add events you must become an trainer. You can do this by registering an account with us, here.

You can become a member or trainer right away! If you become a member, you can find a trainer and book in a time that suits you for a one on one class. Members can also book into a class or an event and a unique Zoom link for that event will be sent to your.  Trainers can also create group events to host up to 100 people, streamed from our website with the help of Zoom. 

Anyone who wants to create live workouts, complete personal trainer sessions or both is welcome to join as a Trainer. Complete the registration form to become a Trainer here.

As a member, if you would like to cancel or reschedule your booking, you must do this 24 hours before the event or booking is made in order to receive a refund. 

If you are cancelling your booking with an event, log into your member account and click the events tab. Choose the event which you cannot attend, and click the cancel button (red X button on the right the event). 

To reschedule your class booking, log into your member account and click appointments. Click the blue clock button on the right of appointment you wish to change, book a new time with your Trainer  and you won’t pay an additional fee.  

If you are cancelling your class booking, log into your member account, click appointments and press the cancel button (red X button on the right of your appointment).

Hustlehub is a community that is respectful to the Trainer’s, and respecting their time and commitment is one of our communities values. 

If you get approved by hustlehub to become a trainer, we will send you an email asking for your respective bank details. At the end of each week (Sunday), if you have hosted paid events and appointments through our booking system, you will receive a lump sum payment of your services straight into your respective account. We will send you an email outlining the events you hosted, the total bookings made, how many members attended each of your events and the total payment received. Please note that hustlehub will charge a 3.25% booking fee to each event or booking. This is so we can keep our site maintained for you 🙂

Once you have registered as a Trainer and been approved by hustlehub, log into your trainer account here.

On your Trainer account, you will be able to see your 

Once you have logged into your account, you will see a left sidebar outlining your calendar, bookings/appointments with members and your upcoming events.To create a new event, click the events tab. Click new event and fill in all of the event details. Your event has been made!

If it is an online event, a unique Zoom link will be created for the livestream. Members will have access to that link once they book into the event.

Yes! Once you have logged into your Trainer account, click on your Trainer Profile, which is below events on the left menu. Click on your name, scroll down and you will see a “sign in with google” blue button. Click on that button, sign in and your calendar is synced to google. For example, every time a new appointment is created with you by a member, you can see it instantly on your Google calendar. 

To login as a Trainer, you must first register here and be approved by hustlehub. 

Once you have been approved, an email will be sent to you with your login details and information about your account. As a Trainer, login here.

When you book your first class, you will be asked to make a member account. Once you have created your member account, you can book and manage your booked events in your account. When you book an event, you will be sent a confirmation email with information of your booking time and your unique Zoom link. Simply click the Zoom link and you will be taken directly to your live workout. 

No you don’t! Once you register as a Trainer, you will automatically have a Zoom account created using the email you registered with. You will receive an email asking you to activate your Zoom account. Activate your Zoom account and you can start creating paid events right away!

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