Hi, I am Sybella Davis and this is a bit about me. 

To me, fitness and working out is something I can do to let everything out… whether it be my emotions or energies. Working out is so much more than just keeping fit and healthy. It is about working towards a positive mental state and overcoming challenges. Even from a young age, I have  been an active person, but it was a while before I really worked out. I found my love for fitness training when I was in a negative mental place and it helped me to overcome the things I was facing. Personal training is where I ended up because motivating people comes naturally to me and I have been told my bubbly personality helps a bit, too! I am an open book and enjoy talking to anyone about anything.

Recently I was diagnosed with Lupus and it has really turned my life upside down. But, I am now stronger than ever and I am looking forward to experiencing new opportunities coming my way!

Fitness/Nutritional Accreditations

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Nutritional Advisor
  • Qualified in Pad work

What is your favourite colour?

Right now it’s pastel pink or orange. It depends on my mood!

What is your favourite food?

Naan and Roti dipped in yummy curry sauce.

Where are you based?

The UK.

Who inspires you and why?

This is a bit of a tough question! I am not the type of person who actively looks for inspiration in others, but someone who really does inspire me right now is Mano Baroudy. She is a fellow lupus warrior and seeing her become so active is amazing to see. She is super cool, keeps it real and is very engaging on camera. I just love it.

What is your 2020 fitness/health goal?

To keep my mind and body active while helping others do the same, especially during these challenging times.

What is your weekly fitness routine?

Having lupus has really changed my fitness routine. Currently it is barely existent, but I am itching to get back into movement. I am learning to become more patient as I discover what the new Sybella is capable of!

Being more stationary is hard for me because I love being active. Worst of it is, I have gone from jumping out of planes, jumping off an extremely high platform (backwards) while on the TV show SAS – Who Dares Win (check me out!), to barely being able to ride my bike.

It has been tough, but my clients are the ones who have helped me get through it. They show me every day that training is more than just keeping fit.

At home workout

What is an example of a workout you do at home?

Do you stretch your posterior chain? I spent many years as a professional pole dancer and I never stretched! Now I’m retired I can tell you, here’s how we do it!

Hold each pose for 30 sec repeating 3-5 times. Great to do in the morning or to wind down at night!


1 > Static Upper Scoop – works by opening your Rhomboids (mid back between shoulder blades) take your time here, let each vertebrae ripple back and down and from down to up, sitting up tall at the starting position and setting your shoulders back down before repeating. 

2 > Seated Twist – Thoracic-Lumbar rotation (mid to lower back) press your knee against the arm that’s resting on it and push back with that arm to increase stretch and look behind you. Hold for 30 sec

3 > Thread The Needle – Great for a satisfying stretch of the upper and mid back. hold for 30 sec on each side, press your shoulder to the floor and let your head sink on to the floor.

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